Lucky Brand Glasses, Eyewear & Frames

Lucky Brand Glasses

Best known for their very original and authentic blue jeans, Lucky Brand established a look, style and a mindset for men, woman and children. The eyewear brand identifies itself with a logo consisting of two four-leaf clovers and clever phrases of Lucky Me / Lucky You incorporated into the temple embellishments. In general, Lucky Brand products are known for the high regard that is placed on quality and manufacturing, and Lucky Brand Eyewear Brand is no exception.

REM Optical captures a unique sense of style in its Lucky Brand line of eyeglass frames, including the Lucky Kid’s line created for children and tweens. It takes on an edgy, yet retro approach in its design techniques. The frames are detailed with the Four Leaf Clover logo, set off by interesting color choices and the solo uses of plastic and metals in the frame design. This technique of blending or combining the two materials creates a unique piece of eyewear, which incorporates the classic retro look that has returned into all facets of today’s fashion world.

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