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flexon glasses

The name Flexon has been established as the eyewear product that positioned itself the as the “bend me, shape me” brand. Flexon was the result of blending titanium alloys to produce a frame that was flexible but incredibly durable. The frame and temple have the ability to be twisted and bent in ways never imagined before. The resulting materials allow the frame to endure this unusual treatment, and then return to its normal state through the creation of a memory metal characteristic. The frame has wide appeal, as it can withstand the occasional occupational or schoolyard bump, and quickly bounce back to its normal shape. It is an extremely practical piece of eyewear.

It is Flexon’s enduring qualities, combined with unique styles, creative designs, and elegant use of color that has created todays Flexon frame, one that has evolved to not only being very durable and wearer friendly, but also extremely fashion forward. Flexon frame are available in styles for men, women, and children.

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